Assignment #AssignmentDue datePoints
1Welcome post and discussion2/10
2Practicum deliverable–appraisal report2/295
3Practicum deliverable–arrangement schema3/215
4Practicum deliverable–DACS description elements3/285
5Finding aid analysis4/415
6Access and use project topic/format proposal4/110
7Practicum deliverable–reference request5/25
8Presentations and slide decks5/2 or 5/95
9Access and use project5/1915
10Extra credit practicum deliverable–social media post5/19+2
12Discussion leadonce, varies0

Please remember the late work policy: I am super flexible if life happens and you need an extension on any assignment; I only require you to notify me by email as soon as you know you need accommodation.

If the due date passes: We can still work together to coordinate submission of work, but as more time goes by the less flexible I can be with grading and even submission. You may lose points the longer work remains unsubmitted with no explanation, or I may decide not to accept the work if it’s late enough in the semester. Email me early on! I want you to succeed.

I will not be sending reminders to submit outstanding work.